Selling basketball games with Cleeng: The instant ROI example

Andrew Arbes | Thu May 18 2017 | Cleeng News, Industry insights



We've discussed many times on this blog about the advantages of live OTT and how easy it is to grow revenues by going direct-to-consumer. In my debut blog post, I'll talk about an interesting use case. It's about a basketball organization that used Cleeng to go over-the-top and capitalized really quickly.

On May 1st, a new prospect came in as an ROI Calculator lead. He was expecting 10,000 unique viewers at a $5.00 price point for professional basketball games.  The client’s goal was to broadcast all home games and reach their fan base in their home country and in the United States. He mentioned that his team was the premier team in the league and that they had a very large number of loyal fans who could not make it to the games in person. He was already using Livestream to broadcast events, but he wanted a way to maximize his return.

So, he thought Live PPV was the best way to do this.

The client originally started with the Pay-As-You-Go pricing model, but when he was setting up his event, he was noticing the event readiness fees. It took a few tries, but I connected with him on May 3rd, which was the day that they had they were planning their first Live PPV event.

Here is how our communication went and how we wrapped the project quickly:

  1. We had our first call at 10:40 am Est, and their game was at 8:00 pm Est. I mentioned that we could offer a Pro Live License, that would eliminate the readiness fees, and offer him professional services to increase sales, and set up their event quickly and correctly. The prospect felt that this made the most sense for the project, and I ended up sending a Pro Live contract, and it was signed at 2:00 pm Est.
  2. The next step was an onboarding call with Jessica, our account manager, and this was completed at 4:00 pm Est, giving them 4 hours to sell tickets. By the time the event started, they had sold well over 100 tickets, on a high price point.
  3. So far, they have had 4 events, they have sold over 300 tickets, and have made back their investment with 2 full months left in the season.

End note: 

This goes to show how easy it is to get set up and start selling tickets with Cleeng. We can have you on-boarded and in ready to go within a matter of a couple hours, and you can find immediate success. As I mentioned, the team had a game the same night that we held a prospecting call, and they made half of their investment back as soon as they were set up.  The client is very pleased with the success he has had with Cleeng, and hopes to help the other teams in the league to start selling next season!

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