Our Learnings from IBC 2018

Benedicte Guichard | Fri Sep 21 2018 | Industry insights

Cleeng at IBC 2018 Cleeng's booth illustrated our modular architecture.

In this recap post, we bring you our overall impressions and trends we spotted at the biggest broadcaster conference in the world. 

This IBC Show was very special for us. With a much stronger team and track-record, a repackaged product suite,  and some new and exciting solutions, we hosted the broadcasting world in the beautiful Amsterdam.

Cleeng goes forward by keeping the finger on the pulse of market trends. We feel that our Subsciber Retention Management (SRM) platform is the perfect fit for OTT broadcasters that want to keep happy subscribers and grow internationally.

Subscriber Retention Management (SRM)

Check the video bellow and listen what Gilles Domartini had to say on broadcasting trends.

Gilles lists the following three trends that are worth stressing:

  1. Subscriber retention is in the spotlight: Broadcasters had to keep happy viewers. They also have to differentiate in a competitive space with a service that it worthy for its viewers, and  offers a great user experience and innovative features. To achieve that, they need the right technology partners.
  2. Specialization in the fragmented supply: Technology partners look to complement each other with their well-drilled solutions.  Here at Cleeng, we have our documented APIs that enable us to connect with a myriad set of client and partner platforms.
  3. Need for API-driven modularity: Broadcasters are maturing and they look for particular products or services that will strengthen a specific deficiency or bottleneck in their OTT offering. That's why API-driven solutions emerge as the direction towards broadcasters lean towards to due to their modularity and flexibility.

See you next year!

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