October 14th - The rise of L-Commerce, LIVE !

Benedicte Guichard | Fri Oct 19 2012 | Cleeng News

As if we didn't have enough with e-commerce, m-commerce and s-commerce. Get ready, here comes L-commerce!

What happened on October 14th? Well, two major events just made history.

  1. Felix Baumgartner jumped from 39km again, and this event was entirely live streamed on the web. The web surpassed television live viewing, with 8.2 million people connected at the same time to see him leave his tiny capsule, accelerate to almost 1200 km/h in a matter of seconds and safely reach the ground. Well done Felix!
  2. Metamoris organized one of the largest Brazilian JiuJitsu events ever created. People could either participate live at the Viejas Arena at Aztec Bowl San Diego State University  or purchase an online ticket to watch live from the comfort of their home. The comparison may sound surprising with Felix's unbelievable achievement, yet bear in mind, Brazilian JiuJitsu is a global phenomenon.

Robert Zeps - Metamoris promoter

Is there going to be another event? Yes absolutely, no question about it! The fans did a great job on the live stream, I was really pleased with what happened.

And organizing the sale of live tickets can be relatively tricky. The recent online issues that plagued The Rumbler 2012 a week earlier was still in everyones mind, it proves how difficult it is to plan and execute a successful internet Pay-per-View event. As you can imagine, there are many parameters to take into account:

  • Cleeng-live-peak-load-Tracking peak load. During the peak hour, 24,2% of the sales were processed
  • Ensuring compatibility with multiple devices, from computers, tablets, smartphones, TVs and more, all working on different operating systems and browsers
  • Servicing 1000's of customers from all over the globe (in this case 87 countries) within a few minutes, so no one misses the show
  • Delivering secure access, so there are no abuse and security issues
  • Managing payments across the globe
  • And most important, delivering an incredible user experience from pre-show, during the show, and even post-show!

Metamoris viewers across the globe

Cleeng's expertise in protecting and monetizing Live and OnDemand events is strengthening by the day, especially after the recent organization of the ITF Taekwon-do WorldCup 2012, CondeNast's Lucky Magazine Fashion Show in New York or global conferences such as OrganoGold International Convention 2012. Learn how you too can benefit from our expertise, fee free to contact us.

Ralek Gracie concluded with us: "Overall I am very impressed with your service"

A big thank you to our partners for the event, in particular the Metamoris / Gracie family, Del from Spy Design, Velikom International and Livestream.com.

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