Our new Publisher Dashboard brings more data and clarity (Video)

Dimitar Serafimov | Tue Apr 18 2017 | Innovation hub, Industry insights

New Cleeng Publisher Dashboard

The new Publisher Dashboard brings advanced analytics and next-level user experience that will help you, the Cleeng publishers, make business decisions easier and grow the bottom line from your content. With features like subscriber and churn management, revenue tracking and direct access to customer support, you have much more clarity of their business.

We are ecstatic to show a sneak peek at what our team has been working on in the past couple of months. The Publisher Dashboard has been fully revamped and has a lot more data, new features, and an improved user experience.

Note: The new Dashboard will be officially released and rolled out to our publishers' accounts in a few weeks.

What exactly has been changed?

Quality insights about your subscribers

The new Dashboard gives our publishers an overview of the key business parameters for running a subscriptions video business:

  • Evolution of active subscribers: month-by-month insights for the active subscribers' category. 
  • Offers performance: an improved analysis and prioritization of existing offers. 
  • Recurring revenue tracking: a daily and monthly overview of the revenue flow. 
  • Churn management: unveiling the real reasons why subscribers are canceling your service via a month-by-month overview.
  • Detailed subscriber retention analysis: illustrating the level of subscribers' loyalty, via a month-by-month overview of gained and lost viewers.

Transparent customer support

From now on, Cleeng publishers will have access to the Customer Support section, where they can:

  • Get a full overview of all chargebacks and refunds;
  • See the different reasons for contact; 
  • Review the incoming refunds and to accept or deny them within 72 hours.

Fancy new look

We spent a lot of time and effort to make the new dashboard as intuitive and insightful as possible. But a picture tells a thousand words, so...

Cleeng Publisher Dashboard - 3 Image 1: Overview of the Subscriber Management section (click for full-sized picture)


Cleeng Publisher dashboard - ` Image 2: Overview of the Customer Support section (click for full-sized picture)


If you are heading to Broadcast Asia and you are interested in seeing the new dashboard in action, reach to us:

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