The Most Popular Devices for OTT Video Consumption

Benedicte Guichard | Mon Mar 14 2016 | Industry insights


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Much like the way in which we as humans consume our evening entertainment, the devices on which we enjoy it on is ever-evolving. OTT video and streaming media devices are redefining it for sure. 

In fact, in the US, over half of homes have at least one television set that's connected to the internet.

As we’ve mentioned before, traditional pay television is fast becoming a thing of the past and autonomy is now the name of the game when it comes to tucking into a big sporting event or much anticipated box set - people want to set their own schedules, rather than being told where and when they can enjoy a favorite show or movie.

As the popularity of the big old box in the lounge dwindles, which devices are taking its place?

Well, according to a recent device study by Siemens, a staggering 69.3% of people now prefer their smartphones when enjoying their favourite OTT video streaming services, compared to 13.9% who like to kick back in front of a smart TV. So as you can see, according to these (somewhat surprising) stats, it seems that mobility, as well as portability, is essential in this day and age…

devices for OTT video

In order to move with the times and satisfy the needs of this new wave of wireless, nomadic viewers, providers have upped their levels of device support and invested more into smaller devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, as the graph shows…

OTT device support

In short, not only are people pulling the plug on the rigid pay television formats of yesteryear, they are also migrating to more portable viewing options that they can utilise when on the go - the perfect solution to the increasingly hectic schedules that people seem to have in today’s modern world.

Streaming media device adoption is rising fast as over-the-top (OTT) streaming video services like Netflix and HBO NOW make it easier than ever to ditch traditional pay TV - and it’s not out of the question to think they one day in the not so distant future, folks will be sitting in coffee shops, chowing down on their favorite sitcom with virtual reality goggles on.

These are exciting times and in order to remain on the pulse, OTT providers must keep their ears to the ground and stay on their toes - it’s a brave new world out there.

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