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Dimitar Serafimov | Tue Jul 28 2015 | Industry insights

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From fundraisers and auto shows to concerts and sporting occasions, live events have the potential to gain a large amount of social traction. This article explores these various types of live events, what makes them more suited to social sharing and of course, the reasons why.

Due to a high level competition, coupled with the waning attention spans of consumers, gaining social traction with live event streaming has become increasingly difficult in recent years, but it is possible.

There are a number of companies out there (Tagkast, eshots, Bizzabo, Postano etc.) trying to help event organizers engage with the audiences and spread brand content on social channels.

Social event experts Tagkast recently carried out a study based on these nine specific types of live event: Concert/Music, Conference/Expo, Cultural Event/Festival, Fundraiser, Home and Gardening/Tour and Sporting. By organising 2,600 different promotional activations, Tagkast utilised a specialist event marketing platform that captures the branded photographs of consumers, then presents them with a variety of different social channels (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or private email) in which to share their watermarked images.

Based on the average share rates outlined in the chart below, each event type can be split into one of two categories: High Social Endorsement Scores (> 45 percent) and Low Social Endorsement Scores (< 45 percent). Both categories of events can be powerful, but require unique approaches.

Type of events with most social engagement Note: Total social shares = Count of branded photos posted to social media; Total shares = Count of all branded photos delivered to consumers via social media or email

From these results, we can now clearly decipher which types of events gain the most social traction organically, and which events do not. This gives us a clear indication on the areas and sectors that require the most focus when it comes utilizing, sharing and streaming outlets in a successful manner, as well as which channels are most effective.


Did you know?

  • Twitter surpassed 300 million active users;
  • Instagram grew by 50% between March and December 2014 and exceeded the 300 million user mark;
  • In June 2014, Facebook had more video views than YouTube;
  • Snapchat is growing at a rate of 56% each year;
  • Tumblr’s subscription and sharing rate is growing at a rate of 120%.


By making proactive use of these findings, our analysis and the above social media statistics, it is possible to not only clearly see which live events gain the most social traction and why, it offers a real building block to crafting a successful social and streaming campaign.

Here at Cleeng, we tend to assist our clients to leverage all the available tools and monetize their live online events. With our platform, event organizers can:

  • Create in 2 minutes a bespoke and engaging live event page;
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  • Connect with your fans the way you want, develop close relationships and offer incentives (social coupons, special offers);
  • Enable social engagement and conversation with our advanced social integration.


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