Launch: the all new Dashboard for Cleeng Pro Publishers

Monika | Fri Mar 29 2013 | Cleeng News

Cleeng Dashboard

After weeks of very hard work and lots of discussions we’re thrilled to share with you the news: we’re launching the entirely new Dashboard for Pro Publishers - rethought, reshaped and redesigned from the bottom up!  

When designing our new Dashboard, we took into account different needs of Pro Publishers, who have access to their own CMS platform and need to create and manage the associates of the distributor account. We recognized their longing for real time data reporting and monitoring engagement of particular users.

The new Pro Publisher Dashboard is as simple, clear & approachable as possible, plus we backed it up with some friendly user interface. It looks different, it feels different, it works better and will let you manage your activity with more ease. You can access all your data that matters to you, fast & in real time on your PC, laptop or tablet.

You can dip in and out of your offers (pay-per-view, rentals or subscriptions) & customers details, and check the condition of your business day-by-day. Your new dashboard is all about consolidated reporting, that gives much more control and lends accountability to your financial flow.  Using the new Dashboard you can also create and send coupons to single or multiple users & generate more business with smartly tailored campaigns. And all of this within just a few clicks.

Using the Pro Publisher Dashboard you can: 

  • get your daily & monthly reports, including all transaction details: purchase, offer, publisher & customer;
  • edit the details of your offer and publish it;
  • review all transactions by kind: single, rentals, subscription and live events;
  • monitor business activity per offer item;
  • refine your monitoring per associate
  • create and manage the associates of the distributor account;
  • create a metered access to your content;
  • define your coupons for single or multiple user;
  • use coupons for your CRM activity.



We are rolling out some more great futures in the coming weeks. So stay tuned! 

You can now log into your Pro account and access the new Dashboard (if you don't have yet a Pro account, check out the benefits here). Look around, dabble with the features. How do you like the look and feel of it? Take your time and let us know what do you make of the your Dashboard in the next couple of days. We’re excited to hear your thoughts through email or in the comments below this post.


The Cleeng Team

Cleeng SRM Product