DaCast and Cleeng Strike Partnership on Video Monetization

Dimitar Serafimov | Tue Feb 27 2018

DaCast and Cleeng partnership - video monetization

Cleeng’s advanced monetization features, like multi-currency and multi-language video eCommerce, are now available for DaCast publishers!

More on DaCast

DaCast Streaming as a Service™ is a self-service, white-label, online video platform delivering live streaming and VOD over the Akamai CDN at affordable prices. Their comprehensive set of content management and paywall tools allows one-stop streaming and monetization totally under the control of the broadcaster.

The company has a vast experience hosting PPV and Subscription streaming projects. More than 100,000 professional broadcasters and SMB’s including London Fashion Week (UK), the Detroit Jazz Festival (US), IDF1 TV (France) and BVN TV (Netherlands) have used DaCast to add OTT video to their businesses and deliver high-quality streaming to their audiences. Geographically, DaCast services are located worldwide, apart from China and the countries specifically prohibited by the United States and European Union.

Based on the growth of their API usage, the company is rapidly becoming an API solution for event production companies, media, and OTT companies as well as for companies reselling video hosting and live streaming services.

Details of the collaboration

Cleeng holds firm as a leader in live and on-demand monetization solutions with 2.5 million user accounts managed and over 25 000 events hosted on our platform. And we do that at any scale and traffic volume.

DaCasts relies on our PPV and SVOD technology and regularly puts its trust on our team to handle a number of their customers’ OTT monetization projects, both small and large. DaCast clients can now easily expand internationally and sell worldwide, by using Cleeng’s multilingual and multi-currency eCommerce capabilities.

DaCast will be directing their Live PPV prospects to a dedicated, branded landing page: dacast.cleeng.com.

Dacast landing page

On the other hand, DaCast Streaming as a Service™ will add a new quality to our service package. Cleeng trusts DaCast’s capabilities to deliver live streaming service at affordable prices. Having them as a streaming partner with their track record will be a great option for many prospects. Cleeng broadcasters can easily pick DaCast as a streaming provider when they set up their live events.  

Dacast Cleeng event

We are looking forward to this collaboration and we are positive it will go deeper in the upcoming years.

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