Creativity pays, become publisher!

Benedicte Guichard | Wed Jun 29 2011 | Cleeng News

We are all potential artists: musician, blogger, photographer, apps developer!

So don't be shy, unleash your creativity, become publisher and thanks to Cleeng make money from it!

Cleeng makes content monetization very easy, whatever you create: text, pictures, videos and all you can think of! Just focus on bringing added-value to your readers and Cleeng takes care of the rest!

Waste no time, upgrade your Cleeng account to a publisher one and get started.

Please visit our demo page at: where you can find step by step "how to" videos explaining how easy it is to protect your digital content using our plug-ins.

All you need to do is to visit our developer section ( to find the plugin that best fits your needs, or check our API if you use a custom content management system.

Thanks for using Cleeng and good luck!

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