Cleeng strikes it big with Dailymotion deal!

Benedicte Guichard | Thu Feb 14 2013 | Cleeng News, Industry insights
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It’s not often that small-time firms are recognised by major players in their industry but Cleeng has done just that following a 6 month partnership with video hosting site Dailymotion (114M Unique Visitors, 15 different languages, 33 localised versions, and 29th most visited website in the world according to Comscore).

The Next Web reported the news this morning: "Dailymotion‘s partners can now sell their content via OpenVoD, the video platform announced today. The paid service is powered by content monetization startup Cleeng, and lets online viewers buy TV episodes and live shows in a few clicks".

Our collaboration has been based around helping Dailymotion develop and launch their OpenVOD paid content service to the world.We helped plan and implement features to make OpenVOD sustainable. It meant that the service could handle all forms of paid content ranging from on-demand services and subscriptions to live PPV’s.

However, our work hasn’t just limited to financial purposes as Cleeng also focused on all e-commerce aspects: easy login and access to previously bought videos, customer support including more than 75 different email templates, advanced reporting, payment in multiple countries, currencies and methods (credit cards, PayPal, as well as mobile payments in selected countries).

When asking Martin Rogard, Executive Vice President Global Content, why did you select Cleeng? He sums up:

- Quality and robustness of our platforms' API, allowing an effective deployment in multiple countries at the same time.
- A cost efficient and easy implementation solution, so Dailymotion can launch innovative services quickly to its millions of clients.
- Excellent user experience, with videos and payment that can be embedded and processed on any website and multiple devices.

Whilst Cleeng have been around for nearly 2 years now, the collaboration with Dailymotion is a major coup for a company of our stature as we helped to find a way to make OpenVOD work for all parties.

With major companies such as France Television, Cinetel and Journeyman Pictures all placing content on OpenVOD, it also provides an opportunity to get Cleeng’s name out to major players in the media industry.

As OpenVOD will be available in 34 countries, it’ll now be up to us to use this added exposure to help drive the company forward and build our reputation in a growing yet competitive digital content industry.


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