Wistia Add-on Marketplace Has Cleeng as Integration Partner

Benedicte Guichard | Mon Apr 18 2016 | Industry insights


Wistia add-on marketplace has Cleeng's SVOD and OTT features Photo: Wistia


At Cleeng, we are thrilled to be part of the initial launch of Wistia's add-on marketplace, a set of integrations and tools that will help Wistia customers make most of their video. The capabilities of the Cleeng platform will help Wistia clients to sell their video via pay-per-view, subscriptions, passes etc.

What do Cleeng and Wistia have in common?

Wistia is video hosting and analytics company that puts its focus on online video. It gives marketers the power to track and analyze web video viewers including the ability to measure each individual's video viewing session, their location, organization and IP address.

According to BuiltWith trends reports, a web site gathering web and internet technology usage statistics, Wistia entered in the top 5 Online Video Platforms (OVPs) in terms of usage.


BuiltWith - top 10 OVPs Source: trends.builtwith.com


Both Cleeng and Wistia envision that the future of entertainment is in video on the web. What's more,  the two companies share the same values of simplicity, minimalism and powerful features available for the mass market.

How can Cleeng help Wistia users?

The goal of Wistia add-on marketplace is to offer their publishers opportunity to do more with their video. The marketplace is consisted from tools and integrations, built by external companies, will enable video publishers that use Wistia as their online video platform to create, edit, distribute and monetize their content.

Cleeng's video e-commerce solution for live and on-demand video can streamline the final steps in the video life-cycle. Wistia publishers will have a full repertoire of powerful features for selling or monetizing their content, ranging from:

    • Transactional VOD (TVOD) option: Producers opting for this on-demand model can set up their own channel where their viewers pay for each individual video or just rent it (purchases or rentals). Film producers are the ideal segment of publishers that embrace this model. With Cleeng, the TVOD service comes free, with only the payment fees included.
    • Subscription VOD (SVOD) option: Publishers opting for this model can set up a subscription offering where viewers can purchase a subscription or pass (weekly, monthly, yearly) to access an instance or series of video content. Fitness and personal development centers, worship gurus, sports trainers or any organization that relies their business on instructional videos are the best fit for this model. Cleeng offers the SVOD service with scalable pay-as-you-go pricing (0.79 cents + 2% from revenue).
    • Lead Capture option: Video owners choosing this model prefer to grab viewers information, instead of charging them for their content. Companies and organizations which distribute niche content to a highly engaged audience are the perfect example of a publisher using this option. We expect to roll this service in 2 weeks and for Wistia publishers will be free of charge.
On the other hand, all Cleeng publishers can get special access to Wistia advanced integrations (HubSpot, Pardot, and Marketo) for 6 weeks by following this link
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