Blink Brings Up its Cleeng-Powered SVOD Platform in the Philippines

Benedicte Guichard | Mon Jan 23 2017 | Industry insights

Blink SVOD channel, by Cleeng

Selling OTT content can be challenging, especially where traditional TV is deeply rooted in the people's behavior and culture. However, the opportunities that online video unlocks are tremendous (fan engagement, time-shifted viewing, etc).

Here, we will talk about one of our new SVOD clients coming from the popular archipelago in the southeast of Asia, that aims to squeeze the best of the SVOD model.

Blink recently announced their own subscription video-on-demand and live streaming service that lets viewers in the Philippines instantly watch Hollywood movies and TV series. The platform works on all devices out there but specifically targets users that predominately use mobile phones to consume video content.

Blink is our first client that white-labeled the Cleeng SVOD product and designed its own subscriptions service that works on web and mobile devices.

Why white-labeling an SVOD service?

Blink iOS app Offering an online subscription channel is a new way to give maximum freedom to your loyal audience. That means that the viewers can consume their video whenever they prefer and on the device they prefer. To enable that, publishers face a complex challenge. The live streaming and handling the payments is only the tip of the iceberg. The "hidden" features include managing subscribers data, setting up promotions ad incentive programs, preventing fraudulent activities, handling customer support etc.

Here Cleeng comes to the rescue.

Blink managed to leverage the full capabilities of the SVOD platform Cleeng provides:

  • Full migration of the existing users;
  • Online prepaid wallet & coupons allowing credits payments;
  • In-app payments (Android and iOS)
  • Parental control;
  • Plus they built own web application and mobile apps (Android and iOS).

We'd like to wish good luck and lots of success to the Blink team!

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