For every market its monetization solution: Cleeng new website!

Benedicte Guichard | Fri Jun 29 2012 | Cleeng News

Yes, our new web site is now LIVE! Not only we wanted to improve the look and feel, but make it much clearer and practical about what we do and the key benefits we bring to you, artists, designers, publishers: we help you sell your premium content easily !

Thanks to your feedback in the past months, we know now that Cleeng helps you raise the famous ARPU (average revenue per user). Since we started, we, in average, help generate a revenue of 27€ ($33) per 1000 impressions, and 6cts ($,073) per visitor.

We realized that 3 main categories represent the biggest potential:

1- Premium videos for broadcasters: broadcasters are not necessary big TV channels. No! they are people like you: producing quality materials, from guitar lessons to cooking recipes and more. Do like Flowerschool in NYC, and start making 100s of dollars in selling your passion!

2- Live event: from one-man shows to sport events and concerts, live is hot !  Cleeng really makes it easy for you to engage with your audience and get your fans to buy your content.

3- Press: You are a blogger with topical content? Or you are one of the leading newspaper in your region?  Embrace the new paid-content phenomenon. Reduce your implementation risks and maximize the opportunities to generate more revenue, through metered paywalls, or also selling daily editions, video interviews or live coverage.

Obviously, we want still to emphasize the unique features that help users buy more, and more often.

Thanks to each dedicated home pages, - you can easily relate and see the specific advantages that you gain when you choose to use Cleeng.


Check our market solutions pages to find examples of concrete customer case studies. You might actually share some of the requirements described by our customers and look for the kind of features and solution that they believe truly makes us unique. We made it simpler and more convenient to find also very didactic videos demos to provide a step by step guide to how easy it is to monetize whatever digital content you want to sell.

Want to see more, check some of these:

- VOD and Premium content from GDS international and OmegaTV:

- Newspapers and print publishers La Tribune and Gopress.

- Events and concerts with Organo Gold and MyLive ticket:

To complete the picture, we have a new pricing page where you can compare the features and commission structure between Cleeng Plug and Go, Pro and Enterprise. Click any feature from the table and it will lead you to the detailed features page.

Ready to go? all you need to do then is to Get started!

Let us know what you think of the new website, your feedback really matters to us !



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