We have a Team !

Gilles Domartini | Thu Jul 22 2010 | Cleeng News

There’s an African proverb that says “sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.”

These words have been dancing about in my head for some time now. Most of my carreer has been focused at building great teams, which often is a true challenge in the Internet space. With the right team, you can achieve incredible things. It is certainly one my fondest memories of my time at Apple: seeing how united, diverse and complementary Apple management was, both in the US around Steve Jobs, or in Europe around Pascal Cagni. And look at today's results , these guys made Apple unbreakable!

As I progress on Cleeng, I can see that I can’t build the company alone. I need a strong group of people, if my idea is going to be more than just a patent filing and a folder on my hard drive.

During my career I’ve met some very smart, very valuable people. And luckily I’ve been able to convince a few of them to join me on this adventure. So we now have a management team!

The first is Benedicte. She’s an accomplished marketing manager with experience working for big international companies like Essilor and Packard Bell, NEC. Then there’s Donald, who is using his experience in online and ecommerce working for companies like Philips to set up the projects and manage the development team. Finally, there’s Nicolas, who is a real entrepreneur who successfully developed several start-ups, went through fund raising, and worked with me at Packard Bell and Apple. He also has extensive knowledge and experience in tech media. I need a few extra additions, like a CTO and US lead...if anyone is interested or knows somebody.

We’re keeping the team small on purpose. We’re in bootstrapping mode and have to keep costs low and agility high. Our next step is to find some investors :-)

I'm so excited to have such a great complementary team in place. Thanks guys for joining this adventure!

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