Ski Organizations Need PPV Revenue to Support the Sport

Dimitar Serafimov | Tue Mar 14 2017 | Cleeng News, Industry insights

Live sports moves to streaming

As the ski season comes to its end, we would like to share an interesting success story. It's about a new Cleeng client that executed a pay-per-view broadcast plan, with a long-term growth strategy on sight. The revenues from the live streaming events will feed the development of the sport in general and their athletes. 

Ski Championships go pay-per-view

The National Nordic Foundation and the Central Cross Country Association, together with their partner organizers, managed to deliver a series of live broadcasts over-the-top, during a full week. Fans around the world were able to enjoy the USANA FIS Nordic Junior and U23 World Ski Championships live from Jan 30th to Feb 5th, taking place at the legendary Utah's 2002 Olympic venues.

It's interesting to mention that it was the first global live streaming offering in the history of the annual Junior World Championships. It included daily coverage of all qualifying and competition rounds in cross country, nordic combined and ski jumping. A total of 21 events were streamed live, with two events overlapping every day. Fans were able to purchase the full coverage in all sports for $49.95 and the individual events for $49.95.

Why Cleeng?

This was obviously a bold move for the Championship organizers. In the past, they did free live streaming via YouTube and Livestream. Switching to a paid OTT service was a unique and exciting opportunity, but going into the unknown always carries some risks.

Their main challenge was to find a reliable live OTT platform that allows broadcasting of several events at the same time, and our platform seemed like the perfect fit. Livestream was the online video platform responsible for the streaming itself, and Cleeng handled the monetization aspect via live pay-per-view and subscription capabilities. They also used our incentives feature by offering free coupons to the press.

"It was the first time we sold our events online and we are extremely happy with the results. The Cleeng team and their turnkey platform made all this possible in a breeze, says Yuriy Gusev an executive director of the Central Cross Country Association.

The ability to sell multiple live events via PPV and championship passes was the killer feature for us. We are already looking forward to using this service again for the upcoming National Championships this year."

The decision to move to paid (pay-per-view and subscription) video resulted in a financial boost that is more than needed for the development of the sport. Besides being able to provide a service to the community and support the event’s organizing committee, this is proving to be a source of new revenue that can go right back to our athletes.

We are proud that the association chose Cleeng as their Live PPV technology provider. We are always open for supporting ambitious sports organizations that want to go direct-to-consumer with an OTT solutions.

Learn how can you get the most out of your live streaming events.

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