ChurnIQ Segments: Automated Subscriber Marketing Made Simple

Damien Organ | Mon Feb 01 2021 | Cleeng News

automated subscriber marketing

ChurnIQ Segments allows OTT subscription services to build more powerful marketing engines than ever before. Now you can convert your subscriber dataset into targeted, automated messaging that fits the goals that are important to you.

Thanks to ChurnIQ’s Zapier integration - you can now automatically trigger customer messaging actions in hundreds of email and campaign tools. 

Automate your marketing activities

Save yourself hours of tiresome planning and list management by setting up your own automated system. Segment your customers by need or attribute and ChurnIQ Segments will do the rest.

subscriber segmentation

Build a better bond with your subscribers

Improve your subscriber relationships by sending targeted messages. Whether your customers are new or old, monthly or annual, active or inactive - know who your audience is - so you can speak directly to them. Our segmentation feature helps you personalise your messaging and show your customers that you care.

Put subscriber data to work and track your impact

Use pre-built segments aligned with ChurnIQ analytics that allow you to act on key customer groups at every stage in the lifecycle.  And use our OTT Segment Strategy guide to help you identify the right segment, action, and metric for your goals. 

subscriber segmentation


Connect to your marketing platform with no development

Use ChurnIQ’s seamless Zapier integration to automatically pass customer segments to your customer marketing platform. No code needed. ChurnIQ, Zapier, and your marketing tool will work together without any additional development.


Check our Segmentation help centre or our OTT Segment Strategy guide to learn more about how to get the most out of ChurnIQ Segments. 


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