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Dimitar Serafimov | Tue May 12 2020 | Product guidance


Have you ever thought about facilitating the conversion of subscribers with a dynamic checkout experience? It’s time to go a bit deeper about an ever-green product of ours, Cleeng Merchant!

Cleeng Merchant is a specialized payment & checkout solution for OTT broadcasters. Offering 186 payment options, the Merchant API lets subscribers pay the way they want with methods they know and trust. Merchant supports 1-click registration and payments, letting you process millions of secure transactions with a seamless customer experience every time.

Here is a list of reasons why Integrated Payment Gateway could be beneficial for your video business:

  • Increased Sales: Having an integrated PSP will help lessen the frequency and severity of credit card fraud.
  • An easier gain of users trust: Through PSP, you can make sure that user data is encrypted and secure.
  • Familiarity: It will be easier for users to enter their credit card details if you use a payment gateway that is familiar with them.
  • Easier access: Using Payment Gateway allows the users to pay without the trouble of too many pop-up new pages.

There are two more benefits Cleeng Merchant offers you.

Firstly, Merchant offers a customizable multilingual checkout, that is truly optimised for high conversion rates in many countries and currencies through the integration with leading providers, such as Adyen and PayPal. This means that over 170 international markets are accessible right out of the box, with 18 languages supported. Merchant’s dynamic checkout engine adapts automatically to the customer’s local tax codes, ensuring correct application of taxes at the point-of-purchase.

Secondly, when selling your premium content using Cleeng Merchant your viewers can pay in more than 180 accepted payment methods in 24 currencies. Cleeng has developed web and email templates that display the right currency to the right user. By using an auto-detect feature Cleeng can convert the price to customers preferred currency. 

Last but not least, Marchant has a critical aspect which makes it even more unique: Webstore Software Development Kit. This tool allows you to choose the checkout that better fits your business needs. More specifically, Webstore SDK provides a checkout that is swift, seamless, and easy to navigate.


For more information on the use of Merchant, check out our Help Center. It will provide you detailed instructions on how to make the best use out of this tool.

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